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Digital Jams

Posted by T Rex on January 21, 2008


Anything and everything is possible. I have tried to take my love for music a few levels deeper by closely following the explosion the current music industry is going through. It’s been a welcomed challenge because there is just so much out there. I have never played either of these but Rock Band and Guitar Hero are now driving digital song sales. I’ll be the first to admit that I every time I would walk into Best Buy a few years ago I would always get a laugh at the random dudes battling each other in a digital jam on a plastic guitar.

In the two months since MTV Networks and Harmonix released the music-based video game Rock Band, players have purchased and downloaded more than 2.5 million additional songs made available after the game’s initial distribution.

Activision, meanwhile, said it has sold more than 5 million new songs via download for Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock since it began adding downloadable content in early November.

The game’s impact on song sales for participating artists, however, remains unclear. While not providing exact sales figures, MTV did say that the Metallica three-pack of “Ride the Lightning,” “Blackened,” and “And Justice for All” is the best-selling Rock Band download.

The golden ticket right there. At what point does the kid then buy and listen to the actual album that’s he’s been shredding on a piece of plastic in front of his TV? Will they ever? Do they buy tickets to the next show? I know the hours I used to spend on my Commodore 64, Intellivision and first Nintendo. Having kids exposed to that much quality music for that many hours is a great thing and hopefully will get them out to pack the venues to See the Music.

But now you can even play the guitar on your Iphone. I really hope I never see anyone doing this.


Is tomorrow’s Clapton playing Guitar Hero?


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