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Posted by T Rex on January 16, 2008


Wolfgang’s Vault is streaming a gem from The Grateful Dead from The Orpheum Theater in San Francisco from July 18, 1976.

Some show notes: This legendary Dead show is the last of six shows staged over seven nights at San Francisco’s prestigious Orpheum Theater, in July, 1976, and was recorded for broadcast on the King Biscuit Flower Hour. It was the first time the Dead had launched a tour in nearly two years, and these shows were designed to take advantage of the hoopla that coincided with America’s Bicentennial.
The Dead had “retired” after their 1974 tour, due to an over ambitious two-year tour that featured the group’s infamous Wall of Sound PA system. That monster setup consisted of 89 300-watt solid-state and three 350-watt vacuum-tube amplifiers generating a total of 26,400 watts RMS of audio power that could carry the band’s sound a full quarter of a mile. But it turned out to be a 75-ton nightmare whereby the band had to have two complete systems, each traveling leap-frog to every other show with 21 crew members. It nearly bankrupted the Dead. So, this run of shows was a welcomed return, and presented the band in a more manageable normal stage/sound set-up.

To listen to the entire show click here.


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