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Rockin the Sneaks

Posted by T Rex on January 10, 2008

In celebration of the U2 announcement that they are releasing their first digital 3D live concert film I’m featuring Nike’s version of one of U2’s biggest songs. U23D is the entire concert from Buenos Aires in 2005 during the Vertigo tour and opens on January 23rd in select cities. Now on to sneakers….

I really debated whether or not to feature this pair for two reasons. I think they are the ugliest pair of sneakers and I also think the concept design by Nike is in very bad taste. The sneaker is inspired by the U2 song, “Sunday Bloody Sunday” with a mixture of leather, patent leather, and velvet. The song is one of U2’s signature songs which spoke against the violence and hatred in Northern Ireland.

The red shoelaces and velvet are supposed reflect the blood from the violence in Northern Ireland’s civil unrest….sneakers influenced by violence??? Nike?? You be the judge.

Update 1/21: U2’s 3D Concert Film Debuts At Sundance 

Stay tuned for the Guns & Roses design next week…..



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