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Digital Music News

Posted by T Rex on January 9, 2008


Some very important things are happening in the digital music world.

Yahoo launched a browser based MP3 player! The MP3 player that can be embedded in any web page, and automatically adds any MP3 on that page to its playlist.

Alley Insider is reporting that Yahoo is trying to sell is music subscription service???

In addition to that news I’ve been reading a lot of good things about Ian Rogers Yahoo’s Music VP of Product Development. It’s been refreshing to hear ideas and forward thinking in an industry that has been clouded with sinking numbers and layoffs.

Techcrunch has done a great job of highlighting some of Ian’s recent presentations and theorizes that Yahoo is on the verge of announcing some big news and believes that Yahoo wants to spearhead an effort to create open standards around music buying, playing, managing and sharing. The announcement today of the browser based MP3 player is the first step.

Expect some great things with Ian Roger’s involvement. Check out his blog.

Pandora will turn off in the UK indefinitely on January 15th , blaming royalties agencies for crushing its business. This comes on the heels of them shutting off service outside the US in July “because of the lack of a viable license structure for internet radio streaming in other countries”.

Imeem finalized a deal with MTV that will integrate clips from a number of MTV Networks properties, including Comedy Central, MTV, and VH1. The content will be available on-demand, and can be shared throughout the network which is supported by advertising.


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