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The Rezner Experiment

Posted by T Rex on January 4, 2008


Trent Rezner produced Saul Williams’ The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of Niggy Tardust and offered it to fans online, yesterday he laid out the numbers from his experiment.

He found that 154,449 people downloaded Williams’ album; of that number, 28,322 people paid the five bucks. Clearly not ‘In Rainbows‘ numbers.

Read his thoughts on the experiment here.


One Response to “The Rezner Experiment”

  1. […] Rainbows’ business model Trent has been experimenting with various distribution methods. His last attempt with Saul Williams was a bust in terms of revenue but priceless in the attention it r….  This time around he made his latest album available online with a variety of ways to get it […]

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