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See the Music

Posted by T Rex on December 17, 2007

Another great See the Music column from our Austria dwelling friend, photographer Beana Bern. Of all the photos from the Terminal 5 shows her work is far superior. Thanks Beana!

See the Music – The Best Band in the World Blows the Roof Off Terminal 5


You know the saying, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade?” Well when business calls you back to New York City for 4 days, you might as well spend 2 nights with Ween. It was serendipitous that my favorite band would offer me some music therapy and give me an opportunity to shoot some photographs, see some friends and finally hear “With My Own Bare Hands” live.

I had heard that Terminal 5 was a cavernous, beast of club and I was looking forward to experiencing the new venue. The list of ‘cool’ venues in Midtown has plenty of room to grow and I was curious if T5 could break the mould. Two of the Bowery Presents clubs, Bowery Ballroom and the Merc, rank high on my list of NYC favorites so I was hopeful.

I arrived on Friday night to an All Access and Photo Pass, a good start to any concert. I proceeded to take a few laps around the enormous space to find some good perspectives and to see what friendly faces I could find. Empty, the club would appear to have a zillion amazing vantage points to shoot from. Full, however, this is not the case. The depths of all the various balconies are vast but only the select view with spots on the rail can see the show. Ween fans are a funny bunch too and not inclined to move out of your way for a shot. I know exactly how they feel.
My philosophy of rock photography is that rocking ALWAYS trumps pictures of rocking. This means not cramping the style of the people in the front row or using a pass to move somebody out of the way. The trick is to find the perspectives around the crowd, or from within it – as a part of it, and to use the access that you have when the crowd is too thick or drunk or when you want use a bathroom without waiting. I only brought the Rebel to this gig in an effort to travel light, with a 70-300 ef zoom and my favorite ef f/2.5 24-70mm IS. Traveling light was the right call since I spent as much time dancing and rocking out as taking photographs.

I could write about how awesome Ween is for pages but I will leave you with my photographs instead. To see the whole album from a Bean’s eye perspective, click here.



5 Responses to “See the Music”

  1. kurt said

    incredible shows, incredible pics. well done.

  2. […] December 17, 2007 See The Music – Vol. 3 Posted by 2beanornot2bean under beana, contribution, photography, review, written word   …and so it goes, another edition of See the Music is up on Runaway Dinosaur.  Check it, Check it out! […]

  3. thanks for the kudos Kurt!!

  4. boogie said

    great photos!

  5. danke Boogie 🙂

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