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Rock Art Wednesday-Nate Duval

Posted by T Rex on December 12, 2007


With anything in life it is always nice to watch a young rising star begin to make their mark in an industry. In just over two years of creating rock posters our Rock Art Wednesday artist has designed an eclectic collection. His many various styles are allowing him to explore, develop and fine tune his craft. He prides himself on letting the band’s music determine what a poster will look like and with keeping music the centerpiece, Nate Duval will go very far. I recently purchased his water creature design that he did for Ween and added it to my growing collection. Nate was kind enough to answer a few questions for Rock Art Wednesday.

How did you get started, how long have you been doing this?

I have been drawing, designing and printing rock posters for just over 2 years now. I have always had a love for music and poster art, so it was a natural progression, really. The book Art of Modern Rock opened my third eye to the current world of rock posters as well as the site Gigposters.

Like most, I started out small, doing color fliers for friend’s bands which slowly but surely lead to meeting talent buyers and promoters as well as getting noticed by larger, national touring bands.

Who are your favorite bands to create posters for?

Spoon, doing a Ween print was very fun (based on Ocean man!), Wilco and any band who’s music I enjoy and get the opportunity to help promote their shows. I try to ONLY do posters for bands I like and listen too. Trying to work for bands I am not into is often hard and ends up looking forced or unnatural.

What is your current view of the music industry?

I think it’s alive and well. I think people who disagree are afraid of change and need to embrace a new way of thinking and business models. There is LOTS of great music out there and a good product will always sell. It’s just a matter of figuring out the best way to get it out there and to stay in touch with their fan base.

How long does a poster take from idea to final product?

Anywhere from an hour or two to a week, depending on the idea, execution and me constantly changing my mind.

Which venues have you worked for?

The Middle East (Boston), Iron Horse Entertainment Group (Northampton MA), The Conservatory (okc) as well as a large number of bands (independently) and awesome management groups like Constant Artists Management.

What are you currently working on?

Well, the winter is sort of like the “off season” for shows, so right now, my poster plate is empty. It has been a very busy and awesome year, so I am enjoying the time off. I am keeping busy with album art, art prints and other freelance work though. But come spring, it will full swing and action packed. Can’t wait!

I always try to let the band music determine what a poster will look like, rather than working in one, “signature style”. I feel by working this way translates better to the music itself and fans of the bands as well. That is why most of my work looks so different and is in a bunch of different styles and techniques.”

Check out Nate’s work here.






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