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“Pay What You Want for This Article”-NY Times

Posted by T Rex on December 9, 2007


NY Times takes an in depth look at the ‘In Rainbows’ worldwide phenomenon and how Radiohead is on the forefront of the new digital Renaissance the music industry is going through.

The Times claims that the ‘In Rainbows’ event will establish 2007 as two kinds of tipping points for the music industry. One is as the year of the superstar free agent, e.g., (Eagles, Madonna, Joni Mitchell, Paul McCartney, Prince) and the second is the huge migration of music to the Internet. Apple’s iTunes became the third-largest music retailer in the United States this year and Amazon is gearing up for the challenge to solidify it’s place in the digital marketplace.

There are very few bands that could have pulled this off. Radiohead says they will probably never release the actual revenue generated from the sales which at this point in their careers doesn’t matter one bit. The attention and marketing they are receiving is worth all of their albums combined and it’s all on their own terms. As if tickets weren’t already hard enough to get, expect this next tour in the states to be near impossible. We need at least a 3 night run at the Garden!

FYI…They are closing down the ‘In Rainbows’ download area tomorrow December 10th.

Check out some great commentary on ‘In Rainbows’ over on Lefsetz’s blog.


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