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New Series

Posted by T Rex on December 8, 2007


There is a new show starting in January called “Live from the Artists Den” which features artists performing in beautiful rooms and unusual venues. The show’s producer Mark Lieberman teamed up with Ovation TV and the premiere episode is Jan. 13, featuring KT Tunstall at the fully restored, early-20th-century-era Prince George Ballroom in Manhattan.

“One of the main things I wanted to address was the issue of music discovery waning after a certain age,” Lieberman says. “People who were big fans still love music, but they can’t stay out in smoky clubs until the middle of the night. This brings the music to them in a new, innovative way.”

I think there is a huge market for fans that can’t make it out to shows. This will be a great series but I’m still waiting to have a channel or website where I can watch a live concert as it’s happening. Live Nation is scrambling to find ways to support the Madonna tab why not rig a few of their venues to broadcast live concerts either online or on TV? Not just a one off pay per view event but either a subscription or opportunity to buy broadcast tickets to any concert that’s happening in a certain venue. If they convert a few of their Fillmore’s in key markets to broadcast shows I think the response would be overwhelming.

Live Nation call me.


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