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Rockin the Sneaks

Posted by T Rex on December 6, 2007

My love for music is equal to my best friends love for sneakers. We are going to combine forces for a sneaker series over the next few weeks. There is line of sneakers that are modeled after the rock industry. Going forward Runaway Dinosaur will feature as many rock sneakers that we can find, one pair per week.

Nike has a sneaker called the Dunk SB. What makes them so unique and interesting is that they follow popular culture in design. Nike creates an individual sneaker series that follows different aspects of pop icons in movies, music, sports, and the entertainment world. The sneakers like rock posters can be very expensive due to limited editions and releases. Some of the Dunks Nike has made in the past are now worth over two thousand dollars.

Recently, Nike created a bunch of dunks modeled after different music acts. They have featured such bands as Guns & Roses , U2, De La Soul and the Clash just to name a few. Nike’s next dunks, due out in a couple weeks are another version of the already released Strummer Dunk Low. These sneakers are based around The Clash lead singer Joe Strummer’s 1966 Fender Telecaster.



“Seen here is the other model added to the Strummer equation.The previously viewed model can be considered the After model while this new look is the Before model. The sneakers represent the progression of Strummer’s guitar over the years from its brand new untarnished state to its eventual resting place after Joe Strummer’s death in the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame.”

-via Hypebeast




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  1. bennyfingers said

    yo, this is an awesome addition to your already awesome site. let’s keep it up bro. things are coming a long way huh barf? seriously though the web site is really nice. keep up all of the good work.

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