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Amphitheatre Concert Pack Card

Posted by T Rex on December 5, 2007

Now when you pick up a 2lb box of cereal you can also buy lawn seats for any underselling concert.

For the 2008 concert season Live Nation is selling general admission lawn tickets at 263 Costco’s.

“This is an exciting new way for music fans to come see their favorite artists play live, and a great opportunity for Live Nation to extend the live concert experience to a brand new audience,” said Nathan Hubbard, president of Live Nation Ticketing, in a statement.


6 Responses to “Amphitheatre Concert Pack Card”

  1. Bobby Williams said

    I was so excited with the release of the Amp Pack. We bought ours the day that Tom Petty tickets went on sale for our closest amphitheater. We were unable to activate them so we contacted Live Nation. They let us know that we would be able to register for the Tom Petty concert on February 8th. We waited for that date and attempted to register. We were unsuccessful. I tried again the next 3 days and still nothing. I contacted Live Nation and they informed me the tickets were no longer available for that event. I tried checked their site at least 5 times a day and was never given a chance to register. Now the formerly friendly staff of Live Nation is ignoring my emails. So buyer beware. Make sure you are able to register you’re tickets before you purchase them.

  2. T Rex said

    Sorry to hear about the Amp Pack ticket debacle….I haven’t heard a peep about it since the announcement with Cosco so I’m not that shocked they haven’t ironed out the kinks yet….thanks for the heads up!


  3. Bobby said

    Thanks for the reply Christopher. I still have not heard back from Live Nation. In the last email they said these tickets were subject to availability. We knew this when we purchased our tickets, but in the terms and conditions it says “subject to availability and venue capacity”. Had it not said venue capacity in the terms we would have assumed it would be a limited release. The wording was very misleading and lead us to believe as long as tickets for the lawn are available and tickets were not sold out due to capacity our Amp Pack would be redeemable.

  4. T Rex said

    The tough lesson learned is never trust Live Nation.


  5. Popgirl said

    I also bought an amp pack from Costco and had similar experience with trying to get Tom Petty tickets for The Gorge amphitheater. I wrote to Live Nation via e-mail and complained. I had several back & forth correspondences with their help desk/customer service dept. who said that I would hear back from somebody.. I never did… until last Saturday, when I recevied reserved seats the date I wanted from Live Nation.
    I went to Costco tonight (4/8/08) to buy another one of these offers, and was told by Costco management that the concert packs have been deleted from the retail stores inventory, and are now supposedly available only online at the Costco website. I went to the Costco website, and looked under tickets and events. No Live Nation concert packs available there that I could see…
    Again- buyer beware.. if it sounds to good to be true… it probably is!
    To Live Nations credit, I am glad that I did have some good resolution to my Tom Petty issue –
    but I am bummed that I can’t get another one for a different show that my boyfriend and I would like to attend..

  6. Jodi said

    I have not been able to use my amp pack from Costco on any concert. What a waste of money and a rip off. I called Live Nation and the person I talked to didn’t even know about the Amp Pack and was unwilling to help me.

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