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See the Music

Posted by T Rex on December 4, 2007

I’m thrilled to feature another incredible installment of See the Music from our world traveling, rocking photographer, Beana Bern.

See the Music…Arcade Fire Rocks Tonhalle. Munich – Germany.

Some 5000 meters over the Atlantic and 3 glasses of wine into my flight from Frankfurt to New York, I thought now would be the perfect time to tell you about this great night that I had in Munich a few weeks ago. I thought that when I left New York City for the Tirol that I was leaving behind my chance to pursue my interest in rock photography. Innsbruck, after all, is not known for its music scene. The “concert kit” that I invested in to improve my game and shoot a show seriously, I assumed, would suit me well with landscape or maybe even some mountain sports but I gave up any expectation that my lucky trend of Photo Passes and living a rock and roll fantasy would continue. That was just plain silly of me. I couldn’t leave behind music or the chance to photograph it even if I lived in Antarctica!

In addition to having a network of friends that make the music happen in the throbbing metropolis that is New York, I also have come to know a few brave soldiers that take the show on the road. Arcade Fire in Munich was my first shot at an ex-pat rock and roll adventure and I think it went swimmingly. A dear friend of a dear friend is tour managing that excellent band and Munich even in a blizzard is, I found, only 90 minutes from my flat. Not knowing what to expect with the venue, the security or the scene, I opted to bring the big guns and had my (superbad) 5D set with f2.8 70-200 IS telefoto and my (consistently awesome) Digital Rebel rocking the f2.8 24-70 IS wide angle. Having seen the Arcade Fire a handful of times before and knowing how beautiful and interesting their production can be I went a little batty and brought over 3 gigs of compact flash cards. If your back can carry the weight, why not be prepared for anything?


The venue ended up being smaller than their full production could use so it was an intimate show in the scope of their tour. My friend was apologetic that I didn’t get to see the whole set-up and, though I would have liked that, I prefer smaller shows to bigger shows any day. Especially BIG bands playing small shows which is what the gig at Tonhalle turned out to be.

I’m not a fanatic about set lists but I can say that the show was an equal mix of Neon Bible and Funeral and that the band was tight, energetic and having fun. I am, however, a fanatic about rock posters and managed to eek out this beauty…


The 3-song limit, it turns out, is international so after only ~15 minutes I had to leave the pit and rock the show. Not such a big problem in the scheme of things but it’s just one more reason for me to learn German…so I can “work it” in Europa the way I learned to in New York. Now that I realized that there is music to be had I need to try to find some mags or blogs in my neighborhood and try to publish my work. That, I have learned, is actually much harder and requires much more patience than taking the photographs themselves.



If you would like to see the whole album of photos from that night, you can click here.

Swing by next time for a story about my insertion mission to New York for the best band in the world.


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