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Led Zeppelin auction update III

Posted by T Rex on November 29, 2007


There is a tremendous amount of attention on Led Zeppelin this week. They are on the cover of this month’s Rolling Stone and Google put their landmarks on Google Maps and Earth. The band even revealed that the first song they played together in rehearsal was 1973’s ‘No Quarter’.

I love the story about Ian Astbury from the Cult “slipping” last wknd about plans to be the opening act for the future Zeppelin tour. The band didn’t make any comments which I’m sure is to give the impression this show in London is a very special singular event and not to be perceived as a warm up gig.

The 24 hour countdown has begun for the pair of Led Zeppelin tickets up for auction on The current winning bid is £6800.00=$14,035.50. Remember just last month a fan from Glasgow paid $191k for 2 tickets.

Round-trip ticket from Glasgow to London $300

3 night stay at fairly decent hotel in London $750

2 tickets to “one time” Led Zeppelin reunion concert $190,000.00

Finding out Led Zeppelin is planning to tour and ticket prices are $125……Priceless.


One Response to “Led Zeppelin auction update III”

  1. Bobby said

    A BILLION hits on the website for reunion tickets, with 25 million attempting to register in one 24-hour period, and 200 million for the week. These astounding and unprecedented numbers are compelling evidence that the greatest band in rock history is still the most popular band in the world. All the more remarkable when you consider that this mighty demand is for just 75% of Led Zeppelin, the greatest rock drummer that ever lived, John Bonham, won’t be there.

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