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Yet another festival II

Posted by T Rex on November 28, 2007


With Bonnaroo, Austin City Limits and Lollapalooza already established events, is there really a market for another one? The new Vineland Music Festival  is only one week after Lollapalooza.

Philadelphia lost out on the chance to be host to another music festival  set for this summer. C3 Presents, the promoters behind Lollapaloolza and the Austin City Limits Festival are holding the 3 day Vineland Festival from Aug 8-10 on a 550 acre farm in Vineland, NJ. C3 Presents will partner with Festival Republic, the British promoters behind Glastonbury and the Reading Festivals in England. (Festival Republic is 50.1 percent owned by Live Nation U.K.)

Charlie Jones of C3 Presents says “The idea is to take a European-style model and blend it with a more customer-friendly model like ACL and Lollapalooza, which have been in an urban park setting, and create something that’s like no other festival in the world.”


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