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Remember videos?

Posted by T Rex on November 26, 2007


The days of MTV showing music videos are long gone and replaced with awful, semi real, annoying reality shows. Continuing the theme of new revenue streams these new interactive videos have a lot of potential in the age of Youtube.

A U.K based interactive media firm Coull has launched a Youtube style site that allows users to convert any traditional video to an interactive format and publish it for free.

“The realization that you can just click on a video and it takes you somewhere is huge,” Coull CEO Irfon Watkins says. “It can lead users to merchandise, tickets and anything else the artist or label wants to sell.”

“Neither Watkins nor the labels he has partnered with on interactive videos would comment on the cost of the videos’ production. And representatives at Universal and Sony BMG say it’s too early to give concrete figures on online sales of albums, tickets and merchandise due to interactive video installation.”


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