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Posted by T Rex on November 25, 2007


I spent the evening with Ween last night at the Tower Theatre in Upper Darby, PA.  It was a great setlist, packed venue and one of the loudest concerts I’ve ever been to. We had 8th row and I could feel the sound down my spine . They kicked the show off with an acoustic mini-set, played a stellar 2.5 hrs with 8 new songs from the new album and ended things beautifully with a raging, fist pumping Dr.Rock that sent Ween fans home feeling energized.

I was able to get this beautiful Todd Slater poster that he made for the show. They were on sale at the merch booth and I think they sold all 200 before the show ended. You can check out my pictures from the show here.



One Response to “Dr.Rock”

  1. Wright said

    I was at the show last night too, and was trying to remember some of the old stuff they played. I remember Chocolate Town, Mutilated Lips, Ocean Man, Powder Blue, Bananas & Blow, Baby Bitch, Springtheme, Voodoo Lady and Roses Are Free. Any idea on others?? It was a fantastic show.

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