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Rock art Wednesday

Posted by T Rex on November 21, 2007

Thanks for all the great feedback from last week’s launch of Rock Art Wednesday. If there are any artists you would like to see featured going forward please drop me a line.

In anticipation of seeing Ween’s hometown show this Saturday at the Tower Theatre in Upper Darby, PA I’m featuring an artist that has created an impressive portfolio of work. His ability to include characters and references from songs into his art makes his talent stand out. He designed two incredible posters for Ween’s current tour, Gregg Gordon of Gigart. I asked Gregg to give us some info on himself, his process, what’s he working on and background on the Ween posters. In Gregg’s own words……

Since founding GIGART in 1996, my artwork has been seen on TV, featured in magazines and newspaper publications, and utilized as an integral part of a number of national ad campaigns and concert merchandising efforts. Corporate clients such as TBWA/Chiat/Day, Landor Associates, Spin Magazine, KROQ Radio, Live105 Radio, Interscope Records, J Records, ESPN, Bill Graham Presents, DreamWorks Records, and many more, have repeatedly turned to GIGART for their poster, logo, album cover and package design needs.

I am an illustrator first and foremost. I draw all of my posters by hand, using ink on bristol board. I scan in the line work, and then work color, and finalize the poster on the computer. When coloring the poster, I am already thinking of how it will print. The final poster has to have each color on a separate layer with a trap, ready for the printer. I do not silk screen my own posters. I use D&L Screen Printing in Seattle. I send over the files via email, they print them out on film, make screens and then use my directions (colors, print order, etc.) to print the posters.

I work with both promoters and band management when creating these posters. My silk screen poster runs are always under 200, unless the band requests more.

As for what I am working on now…I do most of the artwork for the Bay Area radio station, Live 105, and I am finishing up all the logos, merchandise, passes, advertisements, etc. for the winter concert, Not So Silent Night. I am also working on a New Year’s poster for the band Umphrey’s McGee, doing concert t-shirts for a few bands, and looking forward to the holidays.

The latest concert posters I created are for Ween. I have been a huge fan of Ween forever and always wanted to design a poster for them. I got that chance back in 2003. I did a poster for Ween for the Canopy Club show in Urbana, IL. I went all out and tried to illustrate as many references to their lyrics as I could. That poster was the very first silk screened poster I had ever done, and it couldn’t have been for a better band.


So 4 years later, Ween is playing at the same club and I wanted to try and out do my first poster. Again, I had a lot of fun finding imagery from all their lyrics. This new Ween poster has everything from an El Camino and polka dot tail, to a pony and even a samurai boognish. With the crazy colors and so much going on, it’s a big party for your eyes. I think most Ween fans will pick up on a lot of the images and references.


The 3rd Ween Poster I created was for the Seattle show and is based on their latest album, La Cucaracha. When I got the album, the song I kept listening to was “Your Party.” It really gave me the vibe I wanted in this poster. I made this retro pimped out roach…very smooth, getting all the ladies…hanging in a limo. There are a lot of other new songs from their latest album represented in this poster. But, as always I like to throw in a few oldies, such as a plate of Pure Guava, the Weasel and Bumble Bee who both appear in all of my Ween posters, and a few more that you will have to figure out.
Again, these posters were made for Ween and their fans…I think to see everything hidden in these posters, you have to know the music. Ween is a great band, and a lot of fun to create for.  ween3.jpg

You can see all of Gregg’s work and even buy these two posters at

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