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Who will sell out Madison Square Garden?

Posted by T Rex on November 16, 2007


This report on Arthur Fogel’s first ever Q&A session from the Billboard Touring Conference in NY has him making some great points. This is a guy who’s got his finger on the current pulse of the music industry and has his titles for a reason.

‘Arthur Fogel, chairman of global music for Live Nation and president of TNA International, discussed the recent Madonna 360-degree deal under Live Nation’s new Artist Nation division, among other things.’

Fogel told a crowded audience today “The industry is changing dramatically and artists are looking for a different type of marketing platform on a global basis.”

Speaking on the current health of the overall concert business, Fogel expressed a concern about future arena headliners. “The majority of the mega-tours and the very successful tours come from artists who’ve been around for 20, 30 or 40 years,” Fogel observed. “And there’s the concern about where the next generation of headliners will come from.”

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