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Let’s hope more do this

Posted by T Rex on November 16, 2007

I talked this week that I wish the venues would outfit themselves with the gear it takes to webcast all the acts that play each night. I think there is a big market for people who want to but can’t make it out to see live music. I’m thrilled to have been informed there is a small venue doing this. The Mobius venue located in Ashland, Oregon’s Historic Railroad District.

The Mobiusis widely known as a great space with amazing acoustics, an intimate, classy ambiance and plenty of room for dancing. Over the years, The Mobius has evolved into one of the Rogue Valley’s premier live entertainment showcases. “What many people are beginning to realize” says co-founder Aaren Glover, “ is that The Mobius is much more than just live music. The Mobius is a state of the art multi media production facility and internet-television broadcast studio, with 32 channels of Pro Tools HD audio and the in-house capabilities to film a 6 camera HD video shoot.”

I’ve liked what I’ve heard from these guys and they are a solid, talented rocking bluegrass band. 

Tonight at 9pm PST Hot Buttered Rum will be on Mobius Live!



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