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Rock art Wednesday-Todd Slater I

Posted by T Rex on November 14, 2007

I’m going to feature some concert posters every Wednesday because it feels like nothing every happens on a Wednesday…until now. I’ve finally put the time and effort it takes to start collecting them and have fallen deep in love with my new hobby. My first exposure to this whole rock art world was seeing all the magical prints that Jim Pollock produced for Phish. I’m lucky enough to at least own one and I hope down the road I can add some more. I spent some time living in San Francisco and saw some great shows at the legendary Fillmore. The poster collection on the walls is amazing and the amount of music history that place holds is unreal. Hopefully, if this little blog picks up some steam I’ll be able to feature some pieces out of other people’s collections and see some new art myself. Kicking off the first Wednesday is an artist who’s work I discovered some time ago, Todd Slater. His limited numbered silkscreen editions are both awesome in design and color. The bands he does work for take up most of the space on my ipod which only make his stuff that much cooler. I’m going to be showing a lot of his stuff over time but to start here are few of my favorites.






2 Responses to “Rock art Wednesday-Todd Slater I”

  1. Jim said

    Nice examples, I’ll check out more of these artists. I am a fan and collector of Wes Wilson.

  2. […] Rock Art Wednesday-Todd Slater I! […]

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